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Excelling in End-to-End HR Services

Small, Mid and Big sized Organizations are encountering challenges in attracting, promoting and retaining the right kind of talents and skilled minds to assuring their organizational growth. Quickpals delivers exhaustive HR Solutions through one platform covering myriad domains and industries for the organization’s successful reinforcement. Our bespoke HR Solutions are crafted relying on the organization’s demands and essential needs which then are excellently fitted for the enterprise.
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We have the outstanding HR services, devised to create a Change in Human Resource Management via our eccentric professional procedures. Quickpals has remarkable soundness in confirming impeccable timings and steadfast servicing of HR solutions to customers over diverse sectors. Similarly, for urgent Ad-hoc prerequisites, we depute immediate expert staff with the client for a smooth work process. As an end-to-end HR solutions provider, we upgrade your development and eradicate your entire concerns by excluding your non-core or peripheral business activities.
“Quickpals’ Principal Purpose is to provide our clients with proficient and effectual ‘End-to-End’ HR assistance through our eminent skilled and expert professionals and be an essential element of your success stories”

High-style HR Approaches

We are the finest HR Servicing Company that carries savvy approaches to the industry of constructing technical teams in international companies. With a panel of prominent professionals having experience in performing high lead executive functions, our expert workforce presents resonant technological industry knowledge to comprehend the right and real project requirements and the ability to identify the suited talent to work on those projects. At Quickpals, our experts engage intently with our customer crew to follow the project and to path for exploration to tone with our client’s wants and requisites for the future.
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We proffer full-time, temporary, as well as part-time staffing solutions to our customers. Our services wrap all facets of recruitment that is right from the commencement with sourcing and hiring to the induction of staff or employees. By choosing us, you can hire the appropriate talent fit for all positions, from entry-level trainees or early starters to Executives Professionals for your skilled workforce.
“Hire the Top Talents and Skilled Staffing instantly from Quickpals”

Employee Engagement

We empower your professionals with all the prime Tech approaches required for successive progress and elevate the employee experience. Our holistic employee engagement approach makes a people-first culture that transforms into a wonderful workplace environment with improved organizational accomplishment.
“Constant Appreciation and True care toward Employees add more value to long-term Organizational Excellence”

Payroll Management

Quickpals helps you to be free from all the paperwork and it’s freeing up your time to excel in operational functions. We process and manage payroll functions according to compliance with various government regulations that keep varying from time to time. We process and manage payroll functions according to compliance with various government regulations that keep varying from time to time.

Our Payroll management offering associated with our shared process management services and exceptional command in multi-country payroll provides the chanceless benefit of experience and expertise to favour fulfilling the business goals.

→ Centralize Payroll Processes across your offices to drive automation actions, tremendously lowering training time and investments

→ Enrich Employee Engagement and Uplift response rate to queries.

→ Precise and error-free Payroll Processing with proper Data validation.

→ Generate Payslips and payroll tax calculations as per employee’s salary frame timely.

→ Allowing HR to free their time from redundant manual tasks to concentrate on strategic and revenue generation activities

“Proceed with Payroll Management through us to align your Functional Strategies”

How we Process

We are very choosy when picking up the right candidates for the finest fit to the requirements, so we do 90% of the direct or face-to-face interview process. Once the right candidates are selected, our Quickpals skill strengthening starts with 3 months of Training in various aspects.
Ready for Ramp

Ready for Ramp

A complete 1 month of training will be provided on the core requirements to meet the business necessities effectively.

Steady to Set

In the 2nd month, we involve hands-on training in the resource’s specific role and they get geared up with the explicit essential skills.
All Set

All Set

Moving to the next level in the 3rd month, the Quickpals qualified professionals will be prompted into the real work setup and offer real-time solutions.
After every successful completion of a year, our resources will be given an OJT Training which is On Job Training for improvising their job skills proficiency.